Find a clean, safe, and cheap laundromat near me.

Finding a good, clean, safe, affordable laundry service isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are ways to help you out.

When it comes to finding the right laundry mat, do your homework!

You don’t need to spend valuable time, energy, and resources at a lousy laundry mat.

Here, I give you some quick zip code searches for Laundromat locations, including 24-hour service options if you need them.

Here are some tips for locating the best, cleanest safe and affordable laundromats in the area.

Finally, I’ll address some of the most common concerns people have about laundromats, from helpful tips

for newbie laundromat owners to things they need to know before opening their own business.

Laundry Hacks

Before we start, take a look at this video of genius money saving tips for washing clothes. It might just change your mind about doing your own wash.

35 Laundry Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

To locate the nearest laundromats near you, simply type your zip code into the box below and click “Find Laundromats.” If you’re having trouble seeing the results, please check your browser settings.

Coin Laundromats Near Me

To find laundromat locations near you, enter your city name into the zip code search box above. Then, follow the steps below to narrow down the results so that you get the best options for laundry services in your neighborhood.

24-Hour Laundromat Near Me

If you need a laundry service with flexible hours, enter your zip code here for nearby services.

Laundry Service Near Me

If you’re looking for someone to do your washing for you, enter your postcode into the box below to see if there are any local laundromats near you.

A map showing where a laundry mat is located nearby

Here are some tips for finding the best laundry mat near you.

If you searched for “laundromat” using the two dropdown menus above, a Google map would open in another browser window. You could then click on the map to see which ones were closest to you.

Here are the top nine things to consider when choosing a laundry mat:

1. Read the reviews

Reviews aren’t always perfect but they’re usually pretty good at giving us a general idea of whether a particular business is worth visiting or not.

For instance, I’ve visited the laundromat pictured above and I can confirm that the reviews are accurate.

When looking at reviews of laundromats, look for words like “clean”, “friendly”, “well-lighted”, “spacious”, “affordable”, “quiet”, and “quaint”.

Don’t use laundry mats with words like: and dirty (or any similar word), gross, smelly, dinged up, sketchy, dark or any similar)

2. Note the location

Is the laundromats easy to locate? Is there somewhere nearby where you can kill time while waiting for your clothes to wash or dry?

If you’re looking for a safe place to wash clothes, strip malls are often the safest option. They tend to be well lit and close to lots of free street-parked cars.

3. Avoid popular times

Typically, the best day to do laundry is Monday through Thursday. Laundromats tend to be busier during the week than they are on weekends. If you need to wash clothes on the weekends, try to get there as early as possible to avoid the crowd.

4. View the website

If the laundromats don’t have websites, you can always call them up beforehand with any specific laundry needs you might have.

5. Inspect the photos

Take a look at the pictures of the laundromat and pay close attention to whether or or not there are enough table spaces available for people to fold their clothes, laundry carts, washing/drying equipment, comfortable chairs, bathrooms, and welcoming decor.

You won’t be able to tell if a laundromat is dirty just by looking at pictures, but you’ll at the very least know if it is messy, if there is garbage everywhere, or if the washing machine is broken.

6. Focus on safety

Being married to someone who works in law enforce­ment has taught me a lot about being aware of my environment. A safe laundry mat will:Have someone there to help youBe well-litMake sure no one loiters or sleeps on the premise.Have security camerasBe accessible to parkingDon’t live in an environment where payday loans, check cashing services, and/or bondsmen are prevalent

7. Verify payment methods

You’ll need to decide ahead of the trip whether to carry coins or not. You can call and check whether the laundry mat has coin-op or coinless machines. And if there’s an employee at the counter, you can usually get some change even if the change box is empty or broken.

8. Consider amenities

A good laundry facility should include air conditioning, vending machine, television, wifi, and toilet facilities. If you’re planning on having children, you’ll definitely appreciate these amenities.

9. Things to Look For At Laundromats

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Don’t go looking for answers online if you’re a germaphobic.

How much does laundry cost at a laundromat per load?

The average price for washing a single laundry is $2.00.

On average, the price of a dry cleaner ranges from $2-$3 per load depending on where you live. However, some dry cleaners offer larger capacity machines for less than $1 per hour.

Do laundromats take cash?

As laundromat owners upgrade their equipment, more and mote are switching from taking quarters to using pre-paid laundry cards.

Do I need to take my clothes to the laundromats?

Most people don’t want to spend two hours sitting in a laundry mat waiting for their clothing to finish washing or drying.

If you do decide not to wash your clothes right away, set an alarm on your phone so you know when they’re done. Make sure you give yourself enough time to go back before your clothes are completely clean.

Don’t be surprised if someone else has removed your laundry from the washing machines. After all, it would be impolite to keep them waiting for their clothes.

More Money Locators

Which is cheaper: doing your own washing or going to a laundromat?

Of course, the cost of doing the wash varies depending on where you live, the brand and size you use, the cost of utilities, etc. On average, however, it is usually cheaper to do the wash at your own house than at a laundromat (or similar).

On average, the price of washing and drying a full wash of clothes at the laundromat costs $4.00. However, if you don’t use the dryers, you’ll end up paying for it later when you get stiff muscles from lifting heavy loads of wet clothing.

Depending on the temperature of the water used, the efficiency of the wash machine, and the price per kWh of electricity (or therm) used, the total costs of doing a load of clothes may vary greatly.

You can expect to pay an average of $0.50 per wash for your laundry at home (excluding the costs of detergent and laundry products).

You can save $0.50 by drying your clothes at your house instead of using an energy efficient dryer.

Furthermore, if you include the costs of traveling to and from the launderette as well as the cost of eating out while you’re waiting for your clothes to finish washing, doing your laundry at your own home is the far cheaper choice.

If you don’t already own a washing machine and dryer, a mid-range set will typically run you between $1,000-$2,000. I would never suggest buying an appliance through a rent-to-owner store.

If you don’t have enough money on hand to buy a new (or used), then your best option is to do your laundry using a laundromat (or someone else’s).

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